This journal is friends only. I am a recovering woman with borderline personality disorder. I am 25, have a fourteen month old daughter,and a fiancee who is in rehab but whom I love very much. I am a survivor of anorexia, cutting, domestic violence, and rape. I used to get on livejournal to complain as I was a spoiled teenager. I still have issues but I've found a better way to channel thaT energy and do not look for drama or negativity. So if that is you please walk away. If you're here for support or to give support. I'd love to friend you. I do all my posts on a blackberry but I treasure my friends on here and tend to post often and comment. Look forward to our online friendship as we all know sometimes that can be just the boost we need:)

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Surround yourself with healthy people- that's been a great help for me as of late. I had to say goodbye to a few people who made things and me worse.

I heard a great quote recently- "Don't waste time on things that don't enhance who you are." Or, who you want to be. :-)

Oh oh I love that!! Thanks Good idea;)

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Your absolutely added. Look forward to our online friendship:) I also recenTly got diagnosed with bpd less than a year ago so I just started my Treatment:)

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